Where do you turn when you need a professional display that looks like it was homemade?
Red Bull knew Rapid Displays had the right crew to make their vision take-off.

Red Bull

Flutag Project


  1. Bring Red Bull’s unique Flugtag promotion to life with a display that mimics a real Flugtag craft and is irresistible enough to gain placement with retailers
  2. Create a four-foot wing span pole or hanging display for a four-week promotion within a short three month lead time


  1. Rapid design team implemented a proprietary fold flat/pop-up solution requiring minimal retail set-up
  2. To deliver on the “hand made” feel, Rapid’s production team finished each display with 100% hand labor


  1. With this spectacular Flugtag craft, Red Bull was able to leverage additional displays and larger case placements for a 160% sales increase”


Crown Royal

Bud Light