About Us

We create and execute outstanding displays that get your brand noticed.

With eight decades of experience, over 500 incredible employees and 1,000,000 sq. feet of working space Rapid is your ultimate source for retail merchandising solutions.

One integrated team of retail experts, designers, advisors and supporters working together to make you and your product look great.

We offer a complete end-to-end solution, under one roof.


Our name is Rapid Displays and we live up to it every day. In fact, we’re the fastest in the industry.

Why? Because at retail, speed can make the difference between success and failure.
And we’re dedicated to our clients’ success.

Rapid Displays provides the full range of custom retail displays.

  • • Permanent custom display fixtures

  • • Promotional displays

  • • Temporary displays

  • • Interactive kiosks

  • • Cosmetics displays

Words We Live By

Words we work by.


We think differently than most, putting your needs ahead of our own. When you succeed, we succeed. it’s that simple.


Non-stop thinking about how to work better, faster, and cut costs. Whether we’re doing something for the first time, or reinventing a proven process, innovation is a way of life in every single department at Rapid.


Everyday our clients ask us to do the impossible. Many have been clients for over 30 years. They trust us to deliver. And, we do.

At Rapid, we never rest on our laurels. Everyday is a new chance to accomplish the impossible, deliver more value and exceed your expectations.

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